Feminist Sex Positions by Comedian Liz Miele

Almost all sex positions with names completely degrading of women. Even the most basic position “missionary” sees the women as something to be conquered by the men. Other, more controversial positions not only degrade women in theory but in practice as well. Either the names, the intentions or the results belittle women. And that is why the comedian Liz Miele wrote a small spoken word explaining her sarcastic feminist sex positions.

feminist sex positions 4

The comedian Liz Miele first came up with the idea when she heard a conversation between her younger brother and sister where he was explaining a few sex positions. These were not real ones but the funny sex positions with ridiculous names like “the rusty trombone” and they always turned out to be positions putting women in degrading positions.

feminist sex positions 5

Hearing the joke her brother made and being a female comedian in a male dominated field, she felt like it was time to come up with a few feminist sex positions of her own. She came up with three:

The 19th Amendment

When a guy goes down on a woman, she squirts and he learns to respect women. Voila!

feminist sex positions 3

The Equal Pay Act

A woman rides a dude, gets him about 30% close to an orgasm and she gets up and leaves.

feminist sex positions 2

Make Your Own Dinner

A woman masturbates in the kitchen, a guy walks in sad and has to make his own dinner.

feminist sex positions 1

They are great feminist sex positions because a) women get themselves off (unlike the other positions), b) have a message (the opposite message the other positions give) and c) are absolutely on point. The positions address the inequalities women face at work and at home while also showing that respecting women and seeing that they too have sexual desires to be fulfilled is still something we still need to talk about to get the point across.



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