Eco- Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations

Eco- Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations

Here is your green-décor guide for Christmas this year. You don’t need to spend all that money on plastics and dead trees! You can create the spirit of Christmas in your house with these nifty little tricks. These simple DIY tricks will not only save you some money but will also help the planet in the name of Christmas spirit.

First thing you need to know is pine cones are your friend! There is literally no limit to this one. From wreath to garland, you can paint it, take it apart or as in this example run a thread through it and keep the natural look going. After creating this beauty you can hang it on your wall, window or even hang it from the ceiling. And there you have it! Christmas, with all its coziness at your home, and you didn’t have to spend a dime. One other thing, no need to store these for next year, you can put them in your garden (hence recycle) and get new ones next year!

Pine Cone Decoration Christmas

Next we have cinnamon sticks. Again with this one possibilities are endless! Here’s an example that will not only look good but also smell gorgeous! Dry oranges with lime blossoms and cinnamon sticks tied together and voila! This would also make a great winter tea but lets stick to decoration for now.

Christmas Decoration Cinnamon

No Christmas would be complete without a tree. Whether you don’t want to kill trees for a few weeks of décor or you simply don’t have the space for it you can do this simple DIY. Put some dead branches on your wall, put lights and ornaments on it and you have a cruelty free Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Decor Eco Friendly

If you have more time on your hands you can put together this amazing tree from old newspapers. Cut and glue some newspapers together and you’re done! If you want, you can spray paint it any colour you want but white seems to work the best. An extra tip, you can break down toilet paper and use it as snow, not only here but also in the next example.


Christmas Tree Decor DIY eco-friendly

A super simple and elegant piece is this snow globe/candle holder. It is as easy as it looks, turn over some wine glasses and put some candles on top. You can arrange the bottom part however you like, some spray painted pine cones with some TP create this gorgeous effortless look.

Christmas Ornament

Finally there is three different ideas for your ornament needs. You can put these on your “trees” or on your walls to create that festive ambiance. All three ornaments are recycled materials from every-day items.

Christmas Ornament Recycle

Christmas Ornament Recycle



Christmas Ornament Recycle

Bonus DIY: Finally these origami stars are super easy to make and you can even make them from old newspapers!



Christmas Ornament Recycle




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