Do Not Throw Garbage into the Ocean: Christian Waters , Non-Ordinary Project for Ecosystem!

Christian Waters went on vacation with girlfriend to Mabul Island in Malaysia.

Christian Waters marine pollution malubu island

Christian Waters  expected that they would have a satisfactory holiday by depending on the photographs of the island. But Christian Water and his girlfriend realized that in contrast to the photos ,the mabul was not an island more than a full of rubbish.

When Christian Waters noticed that ecological system in the oceans is destroyed by human waste especially plastics  every day,  Christian Waters decided to design a photograph project in order to show off that people’s waste ruins the animals, ecosystem.

Christian Waters marine pollution mabul island

Christian Waters told that “So it’s like seeing this beautiful, beautiful landscape with oceans, blue sky, green foothills, but when we got closer to the island you see floating trash and debris around. It really just took you out of the moment.”

Christian Waters marine pollution mabul island

Christian Waters explained “My projects will  provide a weapon to educate and bring awareness to things that are left in the dark.”

Christian Waters marine pollution mabul island

“I don’t really gain any profit off this,” Christian Waters said about his project. “The only profit I want is to create awareness and educate people so we can have a better chance of giving them a better chance of survival.”

Christian Waters marine pollution mabul island

Christian Waters  said People are basically using the oceans as their trash cans and I thought,maybe I can make a difference and try to create something that will help people change their lives and change how they act towards the creatures in the sea.”


80 % of pollution of the ocean originates from the land and it shows that marine pollution occurs because of humans like oil spills, sewage, fertilizers, and toxic chemicals taint our water ways, plastic trash. All of these decomposes extremely slowly.

Every day people put down millions of animals, both their and our ecosystems are destroyed by people and thanks  Christian Waters very much for his enlightenment in the ecological sense

And one of the most utilitarian approaches may be considering animals as human beings and veganism should be taken into the consideration herein.




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