Cristal Logothetis’s Campaign for Children Refugees

Cristal Logothetis met a boy about 10 years old holding a baby while she was working at a refugee camp. He was carrying the baby just as he was the male of his family.And Logothetis wished he had a baby carrier at this moment.

Cristal Logothetis's Campaign for Syrian Children Refugees

What led her to launch this campaign was the picture of Aylan Kurdi who drowned while his family fled Syria.Three weeks ago, Cristal Logothetis  gave out 3,000 baby carriers in Greece with her nine fellows.

“As soon as we started putting those baby carriers on [the refugees] and seeing how grateful people were … it was very empowering,” says Logothetis.

Cristal Logothetis's Campaign

As a mother who has a 2-year boy,Cristal Logothetis thought refugee mothers had difficulty in carrying their babies in their arms.Therefore she decided to provide them with baby carriers and make their journey easier.”I kept seeing pictures of moms holding babies in their arms. Babies are so heavy. I can’t even holding my child for 15 minutes,” she said. “The idea they’re walking with their children to get to safety is amazing.”

Cristal Logothetis's Campaign for Syrian Refugees

”Mothers have a strong attachment to baby carriers,” she says. “We were able to provide an emotional link between the parent in the U.S. and that parent in Greece, that Syrian refugee. I think that was ultimately the core of our success and why people were so attracted to the effort.”

Cristal Logothetis

”If I hadn’t done this, 5,000 parents would not have baby carriers,” she says. “We all have a responsibility to help out on this planet. Everybody has their own calling and if we each embrace it … this would be a much smaller world.”

Cristal Logothetis's Campaign for Syrian Children Refugees..jpg..

Cristal and her team vacuum the packs so that volunteers can pass the carriers from customs easily.

Cristal Logothetis's Campaign for refugee

“Financial contributions are usually favorable,” she says. “The cash can be used to buy things locally and help the economy locally.”

Two Afghan mothers who are content as their arms are free from carrying children.

Patrice Poltzer

Cristal Logothetis collected more money than she expected from now.And her statements are also promising for future donations.She says there are so many people who want to help for her project.

”People out there, they really care. They do. They just need the right opportunity to get involved,” Logothetis said. “If everybody does something, no matter how small or big, there will always be a positive impact on this planet.”



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