14 Amazing Small Room Designs

Who says you need huge spaces to have a cool interior design? While we love gorgeous lofts as much as the next person these amazing small room designs will definitely make you want to move into a smaller apartment.

1. Nifty Headboard

Headboards are not just there to look pretty. There is endless possibilities on what you can do with a headboard in small room designs. This room is both a bedroom and a study just by converting the headboard into a desk.

Amazing Small Room Designs

2. Elevated Bed

You can never use the space above the bed, it’s just a waste of space. So unless you routinely jump on your bed and need the airspace this little trick will definitely blow your mind. If you’re living in a small space you need all the space you can get so just by simply raising the bed you get tons of storage.

Amazing Small Room Designs

3. Room Under the Bed

Again, raising the bed makes so much sense. Just look at small room designs where you can fit half a room under your bed.
Amazing Small Room Designs

4. Room With a View

Or more like study with a view, this small room design would make any teenage girl drool over it. Amazing Small Room Designs

5. Keeping It Simple

Just by going monochromatic you can make a room feel more peaceful and effortlessly elegant.

Amazing Small Room Designs

6. Knowing Your Space

Working with small spaces you really need to see the potential in the space and work with it. Even if that means just fitting one bed in a room, it works!

Amazing Small Room Designs

7. Fold Up Bed

Although the idea may sound overrated, when it’s done properly it can still look good and function perfectly.

Amazing Small Room Designs

8. Personal Heaven

Nothing like a perfectly sorted room to make one feel great.

Amazing Small Room Designs

9. Colour is Your Friend

No need to be afraid of dark colours in small spaces, in fact they usually work better with small spaces and divide the room into sections.

Amazing Small Room Designs

10. Expose You

The tendency to put everything away to have more space is very misguided. If you find a way to organise your stuff, your life can be seen from every part of the room.

Amazing Small Room Designs

11. Divide Spaces

It may sound silly but dividing small spaces into smaller spaces makes them more cozy and functional.

Amazing Small Room Designs

12. Do YOU

Wether you are modern, bohemian, elegant or quirky there is a way to make a small space reflect and work for you.

Amazing Small Room Designs

13. Find Sources

There are tons of companies making furniture for small spaces, starting with a multi-functional furniture can make the whole room come together much easier.

Amazing Small Room Designs

14. Cozy not Claustrophobic 

Remember there is a limit to how small you can get spaces to be before you just want to get away from it. Aim for cozy and functional!

Amazing Small Room Designs



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