Celine Dion Has Covered Adele’s Hello

All you know Celine Dion,who is a very famous Canadian singer,songwriter.She is also an businesswoman and actress.

Celine Dion is the owner of many noteworthy awards such as Grammy and Oscar.

celine dion

And she surprised her fans on her concert on Christmas Eve.Because she had been prepared for singing the Hello of Adele!

“If I may, I would like Adele to be part of our New Year’s Eve,” she told to her rejoiced fans.

Just for fun, ok?’ the Canadian singer said while her orchestra struck up the first notes of the song.

celine dion..

Here is the video:

Celine Dion gave a Christmas treat to her fans with this surprise.In fact,audiences were excited when they heard the cover intro.Because they supposed Adele was also in the building but Dion informed them about she was not there.

”So don’t panic, she’s not in the building,” she said in a humoristic way. “Do we need to change the battery in my microphone? It kind of lost it a bit. Adele, hello? Hello?”

Celine Dion led her fans to think positively for new year as if 2016 would be a year full of surprises.It was exactly striking for a Christmas night.

Meantime,Dion has not sung a Adele song for the first time.She previously vocalized  “Rolling in the Deep”at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas,too.

But Celine Dion has raised the expectations from herself on covering also Adele’s other songs like My Heart Will Go On” .She would maybe sing ,who knows?

Celine Dion has taken a year break to care of her husband,René Angélil.He has been suffering from throat cancer .He is 73 years old and needs the care of Dion .Nevertheless ,he pushed her to take the stages again.”We don’t know what the future holds,” she said, adding that her husband told her to be “back, strong, [to] do it, still share your passion.”

celine dion and her husband



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