Canadians Learn Arabic to Welcome Syrian Refugees In A Warmer Way

Canadians and their Prime Minister had welcomed Syrian refugees in such a heartwarming way in previous months.They has gone extended the expextations now.They began to learn Arabic just as to welcome them in a warmer way.This is really considerable especially in such a hard period in that it is difficult to meet someone who have a sympathy for Syrian refugees.

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As it is already known, the Canadian government is projected to welcome 25,000 refugees until the february of 2016 and the first group consisting of 163 Syrians landed in Toronto previous day. More importantly, they were welcomed by the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself. Justin Trudeau’s outstandigly sincere welcoming also had hit the social media.

The inititative of the project belongs to Canadian David Foster.In fact,his passion of Arabic language started very earlier ago when he was working in Sudan.”There is something unique about the way Arabic letters are drawn,” he says. “I fell in love with it upon seeing it for the first time and it just made me want to learn more about the origins of Arab civilization and the stories [in the book] One Thousand and One Nights.”

Now,he wants his passion to help Syrian refugees who settle in Canada.He aims to have refugees to communicate with others without no difficulty.

canadians learn arabic

Foster is not alone at this work.He is assisted by Nabil al-Ramahy to teach Canadians some simple things in Arabic like numbers or basic words.They lead a three-week course for this.”Our classes aim to create harmony between Canadians and refugees through teaching them Arabic words,” Al-Ramahy, who is Canadian-Iraqi, said. “They also aim to make Canadians understand that Arabs are peaceful people who actually despise the wretched wars that forced them to flee their homes and turn to Canada and other Western countries.”

Canadian citizens also have the proud of taking part in such a versatile project.One of the students says

“I’m starting to learn some welcome words in Arabic before the Syrian family arrives in Meaford city,”

“When I went to David Foster’s school, he told me that I need to learn 20 Arabic words that would make the Syrian family feel comfortable and help them adapt better to their new community in Canada,” she adds.

TORONTO, ON - DECEMBER 27:  A Syrian refugee family, sponsored by a local group called Ripple Refugee Project, pose for photos. Lots are: Reemas Al Abdullah, 5 (little girl), Sawsan Al Samman (red coat), Nahla Al Abdullah (older lady), Aya Al Abdullah, 8 (girl), Anais Al Abdullah (brown coat), Mohamad Al Abdullah (white shirt), Oais Al Abdullah (orange sweater) and Abdullah Al Abdullah (black coat). Friends of Syria hosted a dinner for refugees at the Toronto Port Authority.        (Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

TORONTO, ON - DECEMBER 27:  Tina Tran, a refugee who came to Canada from North Vietnam thirty years ago, helps Friends of Syria host a dinner for refugees at the Toronto Port Authority while refugees Aisha and her daughter Fatima, 10, get served.        (Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)



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