Breastfeeding in Public As A Controversial Issue

There are many controversies whether breastfeeding in public has obtain privacy or it must be seen as a public act.Those who argue it should be done in privacy think everything has a time and place to be done.On the other hand,people considering breastfeeding as a public act say it is an ordinary work done by mothers every day.

These are some of the famous mothers who don’t hesitate to breastfeed in public.

Miranda Kerr

breastfeeding mothers

breastfeeding mothers

Olivia Wilde

breastfeeding mothers

Gisele Bundchen

breastfeeding mothers

“I think it’s perfectly natural and decent,” one woman tells about the debate.
Another man agreed.
“It doesn’t bother me,” he said. “It’s none of my business, to tell you the truth.”
“It’s something that should be kept behind closed doors,” one man said.
Another woman said she found it disgusting and immoral to breast-feed in public.
“We have a lot of ambivalent feelings about breasts being used to feed because we see them as sexual objects,” said said ABC News parenting contributor Ann Pleshette Murphy.

Mothers find the solution in nursing behind the closed doors,in the cars,at homes or bathrooms.

breastfeeding mothers

Breastfeeding has many benefits for both mother and her baby.It diminishes the level of stres in the first way.Also,breastfeeding humans have little anxiety relating to the hormones.Thirdly,breastfeeding improves the sense of empathy in mothers somehow.

Another woman shares her opinions with these words:’I’d like to tell you that I was confident and steadfast and determined when it came to breastfeeding my child in public. I’d love to be able to pen eloquent sentences of strength, highlighting a woman’s right to feed her child without shame or embarrassment. I wish I could tell you I wasn’t apologetic or bashful for using my breasts as they were intended to be used; a method of nourishment for the life I brought into this world.

But I can’t.

When I nurse in public, without a cover, I feel flustered and ashamed. I was having a difficult time coming to terms with my changed, post-baby body as it was, so the added pressure of judgmental stares and awkward whispers made my self-esteem all the more non-existent. Even though I felt far from sexy — simply feeding my child when he was hungry — I was simultaneously made to feel sexualized and dirty by those who chose to viewed my breasts as sexual objects instead of natural milk producers. It was an uncomfortable, palpable experience of maternal instincts clashing with societal standards of female sexualization, and I was left in the middle; simply attempting to focus on feeding my son.’

In fact,all mothers should adopt the idea that breastfeeding is a natural right.They should not hesitate to nurse in public anyway.Women must be given the right to nurse their babies whenever and wherever they want.



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