Bogdan Girbovan Photographs His Neighbours

boghan girbovan

Romanian photographer Bogdan Girbovan was curious to see how his neighbours were living in pretty much the same space as he was. So he started a project called 10/1, photographing 10 studio apartments in the same building. His neighbours accepted to be photographed and the project reviled how people living under or above each other were living completely different lives.

bogdan girbovan

10th Floor: The point of departure, the apartment of photographer Bogdan Girbovan, no:52. His one bedroom apartment where he lives by himself is what started the project because he used the apartment as a studio.

bogdan girbovan 9

9th Floor: Girbovan’s downstairs neighbour Mrs.Bita in No:47. This was the first apartment Girbovan saw in his building and he was surprised to see how different lives they were leading so in a sense Mrs.Bita is the cause for the project. She has been living in the apartment since 1967 and has been living alone since 1996.

bogdan girbovan 8

8th Floor: The retired Ene couple have been living in No:42 since 1967 and the husband has been bed bound for a couple of years.

bogdan girbovan 7

7th Floor: On No:37, Lonut lives by himself and as the landlord says he is very quiet nice boy.

bogdan girbovan 6

6th Floor: On No:32 a famous celebrity who doesn’t want her name to be know is living as a tenant.

bogdan girbovan 5

5th Floor: On No:27 Mrs:Ioana Suhariuc has been living as a landlord since 1967. Her husband passed away in 1982 and she has been living with her cat since 1989.

bogdan girbovan 4

4th Floor: On No:22, “Mr.Lukas” lives. This is a nickname and he lives with his Spanish girlfriend.

bogdan girbovan 3

3rd Floor: The apartment No:17 is vacant and the owners are abroad. The man on the photo is the apartment manager Mr.Cojanu who they left their keys to.

bogdan girbovan 2

2nd Floor: On No:12, a mother-daughter couple who do not wish their names to be known.

bogdan girbovan 1

First Floor: On No:7 a retired bank worker who does not want her name to be known lives. She has been a landlord here once 1989.




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