Best 5 VR Games for HTC Vive

Although it’s been a long time coming amazing new games have arrived as vr games in 2016. We had to make do with small demos with most of these games but now they are up and running. Here are some of the games we have selected for you so you can really enjoy vr games with your HTC Vive.

vr games

Elite: Dangerous

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the best Star Wars space battle? Now you can more or less have an idea. With the best technology has to offer, you can turn your head around to see what the other spaceships are up to, stand up and walk around and even take a look around to see the amazing scenery. It is a game so realistic and convincing you’ll want to spend hours hanging out in virtual reality. It’s a pioneer in the world of vr games.

vr games

Hover Junkers

Hover Junkers is what happens when you combine a fun shooting game with so much technology that you can use your whole body to play it. It is one of those vr games that if you’re not physically active will most likely wear you out after 20 minutes.

vr games

The Gallery Episode 1: Call of Starseed

With an atmosphere so realistic you’ll find it hard to believe this one is out there as one of the vr games. You can pick up rocks, discover what’s going on around you and really get into the feeling of how it would be if you were in a moody island.

vr games

Space Pirate Trainer

If you ever wondered what it would feel like if you played Space Invaders in virtual reality, you can get an answer by playing this game.

vr games

Fantastic Contraption

A fun and colourful game, this one definitely stands out among other vr games.



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