5 Free VR Apps You Should Download

VR apps are slowly becoming the next big thing. It is seen as the future of media, entertainment and surely, games. Like most apps, the ones you have to pay for are not that expensive but if you feel like just giving one a try check out our list. These are the best VR apps that you don’t need to pay anything for.


If you want to check out beautiful places around the world with your VR headset or Google Cardboard this is the app for you. There is not much else you can do with the app except look around but the sights are worth seeing while virtual reality does the action.

VR Apps


Pretty much one of the first VR apps you should download when you get your Google Cardboard, this app offers videos, photos and pretty much everything you need to get a real virtual reality experience.

VR Apps

Cardboard Camera

The second app you will probably download when you get your Google Cardboard is Cardboard Camera. With this app you can take photos to upload so everyone can experience what you see.

VR Apps

Fulldive VR

This is pretty much one of the all-in-one VR apps. It helps you watch videos from YouTube, including 360 and 3D content, includes a VR video player in case you have local files you want to watch, a VR browser, a VR camera, a 360 VR photo gallery, and a spot where you can view all of your VR apps.

VR Apps

Titans of Space

If you are not into checking out the places in the world, how about the spaces outside the world. With this app you can get a real feeling of what it looks like in outer space. And you also get fun facts about outer space while traveling to the stars. This is one of the VR apps that is out of this world.

VR Apps



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