Best Virtual Reality Headset For Your Budget for 2016

Virtual reality headset seems like something not everyone can afford. But luckily there is a affordable one for every budget. Now more and more companies are joining the game and they are determined to make everyone a virtual reality headset owner.

Virtual Reality Headset

You will also need a high-spec PC to run Oculus Rift but once you do the kit has headset that’s loaded with sensors, offering a display for each eye and integrated headphones and comes with a camera to add more movement detection information. However you will need to wait until August 2016 for a Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, even if you did pre-order. Check out more on Oculus Rift here.

Virtual Reality Headset

HTC Vive: £689 in the UK, $799 in the US

The most expensive option on our list the HTC Vive gives you the technology to use a whole room and move around.

Previously known as Project Morpheus, the Playstation VR costs a whole lot less than its counterparts. But although it has the same technology it has the resolution brought down to match the price.

As one of the first companies to get in on the action, Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset makes sure you can enjoy the technology using just a smartphone. We do need to note that you will also need to purchase a Samsung smartphone if you don’t have one already.

Another virtual reality headset where you need a smartphone is LG 360 VR, and of course you need an LG phone.

This one is very similar to Samsung Gear VR but it comes with a universal design that connects to iPhone and Android. If you want to learn more check out Zeiss VR One and One GX here.

Works the same way as the Google Cardboard, the Homido comes with a more durable and universal design.




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