Best Celebrity Christmas Throwback Photos

Before they were hot and famous these celebrities celebrated Christmas with their families in the cutest way possible. Take a look at these celebrity Christmas throwback photos they shared to see how!

Britney Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears shared this photo on Instagram of her, her older sister Britney Spears and brother Bryan Spears. Britney Spears was such a sweetheart back then!

celebrity christmas throwback photos Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake

Justin shared this photo on his Instagram with a throwback hashtag. This is probably the cutest of all celebrity Christmas throwback photos because we get to see the cute little Justin unwrapping his presents in Christmas morning and putting them all on himself. We can also get a glimpse of his warrior obsession from the gifts he got.

celebrity christmas throwback photos Justin Timberlake

Beyonce Knowles

Darling Beyonce was surely a crowd pleaser back then as well putting on matching outfits with her sister Solange Knowles was probably their mother’s idea and the two just went with it. They both look adorable in this photo Solange Knowles shared on her Instagram.

celebrity christmas throwback photos Beyonce

Taylor Swift

This photo of Taylor Swift and her mother Andrea shows more than anything how Taylor did not change at all. With her good-girl attitude and sweet personality she must have been the daughter very mother wished to have. Taylor Swift shared this photo on her Instagram to celebrate Mother’s Day. And is it just us or does Taylor’s mother look surprisingly like Kirten Dunst?

celebrity christmas throwback photos Taylor Swift

Ariana Grande

This photo of the adorable little Ariana was shared by the talent herself on her Instagram with a caption that read: “These pics are baby me collecting all of the bows from various gifts under the tree and decorating myself with them ✨” We bet Ariana and Justin would have made great playmates!

celebrity christmas throwback photos Ariana Grande

Marilyn Manson

You might not take Marilyn Manson as someone who would embrace the Christmas spirit but that’s what these celebrity Christmas throwback photos are for, proof! The creepy-looking rock artist Marilyn Manson might have some controversial photos out there but none of them might surprise you as much as this.

celebrity christmas throwback photos Marilyn Manson



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