Beauty blogger Tracy Kiss covers her face in sperm to stay young!

Tracy Kiss is 28 and from Wendover, she is a beauty blogger. Tracy Kiss advices an interesting way to stay young, covering face in sperm! You cannot believe that Tracy Kiss has 2 children and she updates video about the beauty for women.

Tracy Kiss covers her face in sperm

Tracy Kiss said that ‘It seems that some men are a little concerned that providing their sperm for a girls facial may actually be used for an ulterior motive…’

She supplies the sperm from her friend.

Tracy Kiss covers her face in sperm

Tracy Kiss demonstrates how she covers her face in sperm by step step. Actually Tracy Kiss didn’t make a mistake about the sperm in beauty matter. Because doctor a southern California-based skin doctor, said semen does contain a protease — that’s what helps sperm break through eggs in order to conceive — so it may also have a chemical or enzymatic effect on human skin.

Tracy Kiss covers her face in sperm

Tracy Kiss gives more information about the covering sperm in her blog ‘Whoever you choose to provide a donation, it is important that you use the same caution you would around all bodily fluids, always ensure that they have had a sexual health check and are eating clean and nutritious food a few days before instead of smoking, drinking and binging on junk, or the quality will suffer and I would never condone using anonymous semen, and in no way encourage this to become a sexual act. I am simply looking at this from the angle of beauty. You have to strip away the shock-horror of the ingredients and any preconception of how it may feel, smell or look and base it solely on what it does.’

Tracy Kiss covers her face in sperm

In addition Tracy Kiss told that ‘ The topic of semen facials came up  and I began researching the use of semen as a facial ingredient. I found that many experts had confirmed its benefits. Semen builds babies, they come out very soft and have beautiful skin, and it leaves my skin nice and soft so I’m very happy to use this as a facial.’

As we all know, people from all over the world are trying to get rid of chemicals so sperm/semen are completely natural product of men.



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