Amy Wade is waiting for you to be sure whether your partner is cheating or NOT?

Now let’s be honest, who can trust your partner without any doubt? Put all the conventional ways including hiring a detective aside and enjoy the honey trap AmyWide.  Time to give up old fashion detective story and start to believe the power of online word!

Amy Wade Honey Trap

Amy Wade is a super heroin for skeptical woman. I know, you have not get any idea what Amy Wade is doing yet.

Amy Wade Honey Trap Cheating

Amy Wade is working for a website ‘cheatingrat’.

Amy Wade Honey Trap Cheating

Their slogan is ‘ Our mission is to catch your partner planning to cheat on you using social media’.  They call  their agent ‘Honey Trap’ and what is more,they reassure you of not facing with your partner in no way,  honey traps are working only on online.


Amy Wade Honey Trap Cheating

Amy Wade claimed that she exposed 100 unloyal partners up to now by florting them online. She says ‘Love being a honey and exposing love cheats, some of the rats I talk to are so vulgar and disgusting, it’s really shocking.’

Amy Wade Honey Trap Cheating

Amy Wade has interesting thought about her job for example she says ‘I never feel bad about breaking up relationships, clients contact me and they’re usually right to be concerned, if you don’t trust your man then it’s my job to put your mind at ease.  All you understand she is really professional contrary to expectations.

Amy Wade Honey Trap Cheating

Amy Wade says ‘I spoke to one rat for four weeks, at the end my client told me to ask him to meet up, he agreed, and then disturbingly told me he wanted to live out his rape fantasy with me.’
Amy Wade Honey Trap Cheating

Honeytraps like Amy Wade use facebook and twitter profiles to be more persuasive unfaithful partner .

She says ‘We have to make the situation seem as realistic as possible, I usually tell them I’ve just moved to their area so I’ve been adding random people to try and get to know some new faces.’

Thanks to Honey Traps, thanks to Amy Wade. Maybe you can be a honey trap in the future or maybe you will hire Amy Wade so don’t forget  this web site.





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