Amber Rose has explained that she was sexually assaulted.

As all you  know that Amber Rose is an American rapper , model, fashion designer and actress. She is 32 years old. There are a lot of news about her professional life and personal life because Amber Rose is a brave and assertive women that I have ever seen. Whether you like her or not, she is a successful women and mother. She explained that she was sexually assaulted when she was in seventh grade.

Is that really Amber Rose?

Moreover, Amber Rose is so popular in the world and her real name is Amber Levonchuck. When she was 15, she was stripper and her first tattoo came out. I want to say before I forget, Amber Rose made a tattoo which is ex husband picture ‘Witz Khalifa’.Amber Rose has beautiful smile
Amber Rose is with her friend

The most important characteristic feature of Amber Rose is modern feminist. In order get to encourage women, she gave information about her personal life that is in deep. And she explained that related to the her first feminism light that “ This year, I feel like I found my voice. I was constantly defending myself, like, “No, I didn’t sleep with that guy. No, I’m not a whore. Don’t look at me like that.” And one day, I woke up and I was like, “Maybe I am — and that’s cool.” If you want to look at me and call me a whore because I’m single and I’m dating, fine! Then I’ll be a slut. It’s cool.

Amber Rose has nice Instagram Photo

She added that “ I’m actually cool with that. Once I came to that realization, I was so happy. I’m 32. I’m single. I’m a mom. Yes, I’m going to date. I’m going to live my life and do whatever I want.”

Amber Rose has amazing dress

Sadly but it is true Amber Rose told that “I was sexually assaulted in the seventh grade. This boy stuck his hand all the way up my skirt. I was sitting on the edge of the stage in the auditorium, and he sat down next to me and put his hand up my skirt… I went to principal, and I told her that I felt extremely violated. I couldn’t believe that he had touched me like that. And she blamed me. She said, “You shouldn’t even be wearing a skirt like that.” Obviously, in the seventh grade, my skirt was not that short — but even if it was, that didn’t give him the right to shove his hand up my skirt.”

Amber Rose continues attractivety



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