Amazing Tips to Get Up in the Morning

For most of us it is an extremely hard thing to do, even if we have to do every morning. You know what I’m talking about, the challenge to get up in the morning. Good thing is most people suffer the same and there are amazing advices out there to get up in the morning. Here’s a few I have tried and they do wonders.

Be relaxed before sleeping

Get Up in the Morning

There is nothing worse than being stressed and going to bed because you just end up twisting and turning with no chance of falling asleep. So don’t go to bed stressed! Try some green tea or warm milk, listen to calm music, try watching some ASMR videos on Youtube and you’re bound to let go of all your daily worries.

Don’t bring electronics to bed

Get Up in the Morning

Even when you are good to go, phones, tablet, computers will keep you awake for hours. So do what we did as children, go to bed with nothing but your dreams. Think about what you want to do, have crazy ideas in your head of what your future may be and don’t overthink them.

Open your curtains before you go to bed

Get Up in the Morning

Thick, dark curtains are the enemy of our body’s natural sleeping cycle so if you want to get up in the morning, let the light in!

Have a morning playlist

Get Up in the Morning

There is nothing fun about getting up early but you can trick your brain into thinking that by having some upbeat, happy music to help you along your morning routine.

Have a morning routine

Get Up in the Morning

Speaking of morning routine, have things to do once you get up. Have breakfast, exercise, clean up and do all the chores you’ve been delaying. Since you are a half-zombie it will be easier to get things done without having the energy to procrastinate or complain.

Bribe yourself

Get Up in the Morning

Whether it is a diet cheat or a luxury shower gel, you can give yourself little treat to brighten up your morning and get you happy for the rest of the day.




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