Ali Larter will in ‘Resident Evil’ and The Past

Ali Larter will play a role that we can call the lead actor if she is not the lead actor in Resident Evil, directed by Paul Anderson. And again, Ali Larter has proven to be a sexy actress in this film, deserving all the prizes she has received.  Moreover, She has played in a total of 18 films since 1999 and even ranked 40th in the category “102 sexiest women in the world” of the Stuff magazine in 2012.And I decided to compile the sexiest photos of all the movies that I started playing from the end, and the decision was the role that I would leave you sexist.

Resident Evil ‘The Final Chapter’ in 2017

Ali Larter Resident Evil

In this film, Ali Larter, who plays as a warrior, comes to the forefront with his outfits and is one more click away from the classical concept of women, that is to say, the rhetoric of mentions that a woman must be delicate. But when it comes to sexism, I think it is a remarkable feminine.

Ali Larter Resident Evil The Last Chapter

Lovesick in 2014

Lovesick Ali Larter

Ali Larter, who plays Molly character in Lovesick, does not give us a picture frame that many of his exes have been in the foreground, as we thought in this film. In this movie, she plays a more standard housewife.

Lovesick Ali Larter movie

Obsessed in 2011

Ali Larter in Obsessed

Ali Larter has appeared in two different films in 2011 and one of them is Obsessed. The role in this film is Lisa, and she’s badly hung up on a married man, even Film is the lead actress.And yes, in this movie Ali is as wild as a predator hunter and focused on his prey. So the name of that film is Obsessed.
Ali Larter Obsessed

Resident Evil: After Life in 2011

Resident Evil Ali Larter

Another film in 2011 is Resident Evil. In this movie, Ali Larter is very sexy too, especially because she is such a dangerous woman.

Ali Later Resident Evil The Final Chapter

Homo Erectus in 2007

Homo Erectus Ali Larter

In this movie, Ali Larter plays the character of Fardart and I think you will find Larter in this movie the sexist. Because we are all in the nature to find the sexiness of violence, the woman on this film is a woman who covers her body with animal skins and is aimed at all of us.

Ali Larter Homo Erectus

Crazy in 2008

Ali Larter in Crazy Movie

In this film about a guitarist’s life, Ali Larter turns out to be a woman who is so desperate and so pampered by a spoiled man.

 Heroes in 2006

Heroes Ali Larter

In this production, Ali Larter, who is one of the people living the standard life, turns into a person who has a supernatural talent and continues this movie.

Ali Larter Heroes in 2006

A Lot Like Love in 2005

A lot like love Ali Larter

In this movie, Ali Larter plays Gina, who plays the lead actor, and Ali Larter, who plays a modern woman here, is pretty sexy. But I also think that you will choose Ali in Homo Erectus as the sexiest.

American Outlaws in 2001

It’s a Midwest film and it’s the only one who plays so active in this movie. It’s actually one of the movies she’s made best.

American Outlaws Ali Larter

In this film, Ali Larter is a striking feminine that affects the world of cowboys. Although I can not say the head of her career, it is one of the most important films that carry her career from one place to another.

House on Haunted Hill in 1999

When Ali Larter crossed the camera for the first time, she passed on this film. Prior to that, she had modeling experience but she played in a movie for the first time.

House on Haunted Hill Ali Larter

Moreover, Ali Larter in Homo Erectus, which we chose, is most impressive. What is your choice? Therefore do not forget to add it as a comment. And let us know if there is a sexy Ali Larter who escapes from our eyes.



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