Alana Duran Found True Love and Kidney Donor on Tinder

Alana Duran Lori Interlicchio Tinder Donor Kidney

Alana Duran met girlfriend Lori Interlicchio on Tinder last August. And one swipe right changed her life forever.

Duran was diagnosed with Lupus when she was 12. The autoimmune disease that affected her kidneys put her on the waiting list because no one in her family tested positive. She was bound to a dialysis machine for 10 hours every night. Duran is 25 now and she has found her match!

Alana Duran Lori Interlicchio Tinder Donor Kidney

After they met, Interlicchio learned about the disease and how hard it was to find a matching donor. She figured since they had the same blood type, she should give it a shot. So, she got tested and found out they were a match. She decided to be Duran’s kidney donor and gave her the news in the cutest way possible.

Interlicchio gave Alana Duran the news in the cutest way. She gave Duran a care package with all sorts of goodies like a hoodie, candies, stationary, which by itself made her so happy. At the bottom of the box was a present she could not have imagined. A Tinder-themed poster giving her the good news; they were in fact, a match! (video down below)

Alana Duran Lori Interlicchio Tinder Donor Kidney

She also put cards in the box saying,

“What’s mine is yours.”

“Tattoos are overrated, lets get matching scars.”

“I’m making you choose between me and that damn dialysis machine.”

“No matter what, you’ll always have a piece of me.”

And on the poster saying they were a match it said “You and Lori have no antibodies against each other” followed by “accept kidney” or “stay on waiting list”.

Alana Duran Lori Interlicchio Tinder Donor Kidney

Needless to say Duran was speechless when she got to the news. She was not expecting something like this so she froze for a few seconds and started crying of happiness.

She could not believe that Interlicchio would do something like this. Duran said even her best friends would ask if they could do anything but none of them got tested.

Lori Interlicchio said even if they weren’t dating she would still be her kidney donor. She said, ‘Alana is just a good person who deserves a functioning kidney, and I have two. The fact that she’s beautiful and hysterical and I love her very much was just a bonus.’



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