A New Instagram Phenomenon: Crazy Grandma Baddie Winkle

Baddie Winkle is one of the most interesting figures of Instagram not only because of her age but also her crazy photos .Her real name is Helen Ruth Van Winkle but her user name on the Instagram is Baddie Winkle. When it was asked how she decided this name , she says ‘’ Well, there were three of us who worked on it, and [my great-granddaughter and now manager] Kennedy actually said, ‘Why not Baddie?’ and I said, “Baddie Winkle? That sounds great.”
Winkle was introduced to the Instagram through her grandkids’ posting her in 2014 for the first time.
ıt is one of the crazy photos of Baddie Winkle
She comments on this:’ Well, really, it was a big surprise to me! I think the first day we posted the very first picture, we gained about 5,000 followers in that one day! It was phenomenal. It just kept growing and growing and growing.’
baddie winkle has many followers on social media

baddie winkle is a crazy ınstagram phenomenonAdopting the motto of ‘Stealing your man since 1928’, Wrinkle has a considerable amount of followers on both Instagram and Twitter.

miley cyrus also follows baddie winkle on instagramWinkle is also followed by famous people such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna .What is more. Miley Cyrus has posted about her on her own Instagram account.

When it comes to what she thinks about Miley, she replies ‘’ I don’t know her personally, but I watched her shows when the kids were younger. Her shows were big with the younger group, and now she’s big with the older ones. I like her music. She’s kind of wild, but she’s just going through a phase — she’ll settle down.’’

miley cyrus says baddie winkle is her role model

Baddie Winkle imposes the idea that getting older is not the same thing with taking ages to the older ones but she is exposed to many negative criticisms also. She says on this ‘they’ll say, “I hate you, I wish you would die,” a lot of negative stuff like that. It comes with the territory. You can’t take everything that people say personally.’

Any one can say whatever she wants about her but it is an undeniable fact that she is an unprecedented woman in the world.



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