Crazy Artist who paint 3D art on his girlfriend’s back!

Crazy Artist Natasha Farnsworth is 20 years old and she is an artist who is inspired by German artist 1010. Even if she is too young, her studies is very blazing. Difference between 1010 and Farnsworth is that Natasha Farnsworth uses her girlfriend’s back.

Crazy Artist 3D art

Her passion is never ended because according to the her words, you love what she do. Crazy Artist Natasha Farnsworth was born in Arizona. Do you know where Arizona is? There are  not much entertainment life in Arizona and Natasha Farnsworth does not know how her career goes further.

Crazy Artist 3D art

One step further what Natasha Farnsworth will do, no body will guess and she decides to do  tattoos. OMG this is a very nice new because the tattoo artist number should increase I think.

Amazing 3D art from Crazy Artist

One of the most important thing Natasha’s doing that the 3D art is covered big pie of the art variety because after 3D printers people’s mind has expanded seriously. And crazy artist Natasha Farnsworth has development day by day.

Crazy Artist 3D art

Crazy Artist said that something “I really enjoyed doing and something I soon found out I was good at – drawing. I began sketching out little drawings with a simple pen and pad of paper. I would often draw things that were more familiar to me; cartoons, characters from T.V. shows, movies, etc. That was just the beginning.”

Crazy Artist 3D art

Moroever crazy artist explained that “My breaks consist of spending time with my girlfriend and painting “optical illusion” type paintings on her body. These little paint sessions are a fun alternative and challenge at staying focused on my art, yet having a nice and relaxing time with the love of my life. The medium I use to create the body artwork is acrylic paint. It is fairly easy to use other than the fact that it dries pretty fast.I am always inspired by different artists that I admire and long to find my own flair. Until then, I will continue on my art journey and hopefully touch people with my works of art, whether it be on canvas or my girlfriends body.”

Crazy Artist 3D art

All of us are waiting crazy artist ’s new studies not only girlfriend’s back but also different area. Because using different areas will expand her perspective.



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