Molly Soda wants to put an end to the pressure for shave

Molly Soda is a fighter against the pressure on women’s body shaving.The women photos with the body hair on social media are considered as weird  by many people.Because humans have been imposed that women should be attractive and have a fresh-looking at any moment.And therefore women with unshaven body hair on their lips or armpits or legs are not found sexy or beautiful.

women body hairwomen unshaven body hair.But there is a group of female artists who targeted to challenge this idea through their Instagram posts.Artist and feminist,Molly Soda is one of them.

molly soda with body hair

Molly Soda just wants to fight against the way dictated by others about what women look like.


Soda says she cannot understand why women are not depicted as they are,it means naturally.She adds:”Being open with your own body allows, invites and encourages others to do the same or to at least feel good about their bodies. It’s a chain reaction of positivity. Of course, a lot of people are going to see that and be rude and negative but I ignore that – I think there are a lot of benefits to sharing your ‘reality’ – hopefully someone can see my photo and think, ‘hey, I have hair on my stomach too’ or ‘my boobs sort of look like that’ and in turn, feel a little less self conscious.”


Molly Soda is just one of the pioneers of self-acceptance on social media.She post not only the photos with her body hair but also the ones illustrating the femininity like period.

molly soda tumblr

“As women, we grow up learning to be critical of our own bodies, as well as other women’s bodies – there is a great sense of shame embedded into all of it”she adds.

molly soda .

”The female body is constantly policed – why would Instagram be any different? I’ve had photos taken down that didn’t even involve nudity. I had a photo taken down that was a screenshot of a text conversation that had the word ‘sex’ in it. There is a great fear that surrounds the female body – a nude photograph immediately becomes pornographic even if that is not the intent. It doesn’t keep me from posting whatever I want though – enough people will see it before it gets taken down.”

Molly Soda and her fellows are highly eager to struggle with this viewpoint.I think everybody should do something to stop this pressure on women.



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