Lauren Wasser lost her leg due to tampon usage

Lauren  Wasser was an outstandingly attractive model with her blonde hair and blue eyes.She was 24 years old.

lauren wasser

Her story started on October,2012.In those days,she felt as if she had been caught a flu.But she was also on her period and using tampon as she always did.But this time the situation was a little different.Although she changed her tampon regularly during the day,there was something bad that went wrong.And therefore,a friend of Lauren Wasser found her passed out.When she was taken to the hospital,she was about to die just because of a tampon.How such a stuff would result in losing an organ?It certainly would,because it simply led to a toxic shock.When Lauren Wasser was rushed to the hospital with a fever of 170 degrees, doctors did not take into account there could be a tampon in her body which caused to this situation .

model lauren wesser lost her leg due to tampon

The reason was the TSS,namely Toxic Shock Syndrome,which also has a close link with the tampon usage.

“It’s the most excruciating pain I’ve ever—I don’t know how to describe it to you.”Lauren Wasser says.

And TTS continued to challenge Lauren Wasser by leading to a gangrene and losing her one leg.

“The pain was unreal — I felt a burning sensation as though my feet were set on fire,” Wasser told . “Over time, my feet slowly started to mummify, and I never wanted to look at them. I always made sure that they were always covered,” she continues.

”We did two baby foreskin grafts, which—miraculously, thank God—were the only thing that saved my foot. Today, my toes are gone. My heel finally closed up, but it’s super sensitive, and I have no fat pad there.”

lauren wasser and her story

Lauren Wasser sued both Kotex and the grocery that sold the tampon.What is more,she returned to her career still as a model.

lauren wasser lost her leg

”I wanted to kill myself when I got home,” she says. “I was this girl—and then all of a sudden I don’t have a leg, I’m in a wheelchair, I have half a foot, I can’t even walk to the bathroom. I’m in a bed, I can’t move, and I felt like those four walls were my prison.It took me a while to figure out if I was still worthy, if I was still pretty.”

lauren wasser lost her leg but still modelling

Lauren Wasser’s story is so luckless but also it brought about an awakening from the unconscious tampon usage considered as harmless till now.



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