6 Virtual Reality Games You Have to Play This Year

Virtual Reality games have taken off as of 2016. But this year there are some games you really should not miss.

Not sure where to play virtual reality games? Take a look at our list of vr headset for every budget.

Now, lets look at the games you should get if you do have a vr headset.


virtual reality games

This game was made for virtual reality and it is a horror game that will make you sh*it your pants. The YouTube videos of the game do not do it justice as it is one of the virtual reality games, you really need to play it to get the feeling. Three words, breathless in outer space. Now that’s horror.

2. Alien: Isolation

virtual reality games

Although the game has a past longer than virtual reality games, now the fans can enjoy it in vr. It is a horror game but you have to admit horror does well with virtual reality games.

3. Slender: The Arrival

virtual reality games

Ok, horror does well, here’s another one. This is one of the scariest games you can find in vr. As pc players already know, this game was scary as hell as it is, just imagine it in virtual reality.

4. Golem

virtual reality games

Now you can be the little girl controlling the Golem and figure out her story in virtual reality. Mystical and intriguing this game is definitely one fans of virtual reality games should give a try.

5. Edge Of Nowhere

virtual reality games

With this game you get to travel to the Antarctic as a part of a rescue team. Edge of Nowhere is up there with Golem in terms of mystery and atmosphere, so lets see if you can keep it together.

6. Chronos

virtual reality games

Ok, the game is described as an “atmospheric RPG that chronicles one young hero’s lifelong quest to save their homeland from a great evil.” Nothing else to say.



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