20 Photos That Proves Emma Watson is Actually a Witch

Emma Watson is a big Hollywood star. She passed child star years already. But maybe there is still a ‘Hermione’ inside Emma Watson. And I am not talking about the little sweet girl in Harry Potter. I am really talking about the mighty witch. Emma Watson has been photographed all over the world in very interesting situations. Emma is known for her feminist mentions in UN. We have seen her improvement through the years. Let’s see if Emma Watson is actually a witch or not.





  • Nemo Seth Roscher

    Photo #1 seems to be fake. This is not Emma Watson’s body, since you can see the hole of a belly button piercing here. However she never had her navel pierced, so this must be a montage with her head being digitally mounted onto another woman’s torso.

  • Gareth Colin Innes-Grant

    This is such bs

  • John von Shepard

    Number 1 is Fake!

    • John von Shepard

      Just notice she got really small beew……..

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