20 Photos That Proves Emma Watson is Actually a Witch

Emma Watson is a big Hollywood star. She passed child star years already. But maybe there is still a ‘Hermione’ inside Emma Watson. And I am not talking about the little sweet girl in Harry Potter. I am really talking about the mighty witch. Emma Watson has been photographed all over the world in very interesting situations. Let’s see if Emma Watson is actually a witch or not.





  • Nemo Seth Roscher

    Photo #1 seems to be fake. This is not Emma Watson’s body, since you can see the hole of a belly button piercing here. However she never had her navel pierced, so this must be a montage with her head being digitally mounted onto another woman’s torso.

  • Gareth Colin Innes-Grant

    This is such bs

  • John von Shepard

    Number 1 is Fake!

    • John von Shepard

      Just notice she got really small beew……..

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