2000s Trends We Hate Today!

It seems like we are getting closer and closer to the callback times of fashion. It was interesting when fashion was inspired by the 1920s or even the 70s and 80s. But when the fashion trends of the 90s start being the corner stone of the industry one wonders, when will 2000s trends be hits? By the look of things we are not that far off from making these hits of the 2000s the hits of today. While they are not trending yet we can still look back and hate the “nostalgic” style of 10 years ago!

Damn we really need inspiration to create fashion for out own century. But I guess that’s what happens in the mass consumerist digital age, no time to create something new because it will be old news in a few weeks…

Anyways! Back to the topic and what a way to start a “2000s Trends We Hate Today List“….

The Sperm Eyebrow! And sadly almost everyone was a victim… But I guess that’s what happens when you pluck your brows to the point of non-existence!

2000s trends

The second trend is the under-eye eyeliner! You might wonder today, why? But back then it was a quick and easy look that made you look like you put on make-up without much work.

2000s trends

Aaah the hair of the 2000s… Unnecessary and crazy curls, different textures, colours and pretty much a mess. It’s no wonder only celebrities and tv shows got these right (Ahem, Lizzie McGuire) because no single teen girl could do this by herself and look good.

2000s trends

Hello, juicy tubes! If you had one of these in junior high, you made it. You were one of the cool kids but you had to live through your hair sticking to your lips. Like all the time! Lets hope these don’t make a comeback…
2000s trends

Speaking of make-up this is what was the case before the smokey-eye. Crazy colours on top of each other, never blended and applied all the way to the brow. You might think this is an 80s kinda look but it made a comeback in the 2000s. Lets never go back there…2000s trends

This look was pretty much all you could do given that the cool make-up brushes we had today didn’t exist and all you had were you fingers or one of these;

2000s trends

Lets hope none of these 2000s trends make a comeback in the near future. We can stay hopeful since none of the Kardashians can pull off any of these looks, they will probably be locked in history (At least for a year or two).



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