15 Shocking Beach Fails

There’s nothing like a nice fun day out at the beach, is there? The sand between your toes, a bit of a swim, a few ice creams… And if you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, you could even have a go at windsurfing or heading out on a banana boat or something. It’s good to have fun. But it’s important not to get carried away. Don’t tan too much. Don’t eat too much. Watch what you do. Check what you’re wearing, where you’re going and what you look like. Because if you don’t, you could find yourself having a day that’s far from fun. In fact, it’ll be a fail-filled frown-fest. Overdone alliteration aside, seriously – behave at the beach. Here’s what happens if you don’t…



This kid is reacting the way any one of us would if our mom’s bronzed skin was tanned so much it looked like she was wearing a brown leather catsuit that was a size too big for her. In fact, if anything, this little fella’s being quite reserved in his reaction. Unless this is the start of a long session of intense vomiting. Which would be totally understandable. In fact… Excuse us… *BARF*



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