15 Sexual Orientations You Probably Didn’t Know

If you are not aware of what sexual orientations means, we invite you back to this century. And if that’s the case we’ll start off with the basics;

Heterosexual: Someone who is attracted to the opposite sex (man-woman)

Homosexual: Someone attracted to the opposite sex (man-man, woman-woman)

Sexual Orientations

If you’re all set with these two, let’s discover a few you probably never heard of or knew existed.

Allosexual: Someone who experiences sexual attraction in a way that is considered to be the norm.

Sexual Orientations

Androgynoromantic: A person who is attracted to androgyny.

Sexual Orientations

Asexual/ Ace: Someone who is characterised by a lack of sexual attraction.

Sexual Orientations

Demisexual: Someone who experiences sexual attraction after forming a strong emotional bond.

Gray Asexual/ Gray Ace: Someone who may experience sexual attraction in some cases but has no desire to act on it.

Libidoist Asexual: An asexual person with an active sex drive.

Lithromantic: A person who experiences romantic attraction but does not want to act on it.

Sexual Orientations

Menosexual: A person who is attracted to someone who is mensturating (the opposite is called antihaemosexual)

Sexual Orientations

Pansexual: Someone who finds a person attractive regardless of their gender.

Polyamorous: A person who has non-exclusive intimate relationships with people they are attracted to (more than one relationship)

Sexual Orientations

Pomosexual: Someone who does not identify with any sexual orientations, does not find them useful and disregards them.

Sexual Orientations

Quasiplatonic: Someone who has a relationship with someone which is more than a friendship but not romantic either.

Quoiromantic: Someone who finds the line between friendship and romantic constantly changing.

Sapiosexual: Someone who is attracted to people for their intelligence.

Skoliosexual: A person who is attracted to gender-variant people.

So there you have it 15 new sexual orientations which you have to admit there were more than you thought existed. So next time you think the world is only full of heterosexuals, remember that it is definitely not. Sexual Orientations



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