11 Hacks Scientifically Proven To Make You Feel Instantly Happy

We live in a quick-fix kind of world, complete with one-minute meals and instant ab workouts. It’s nearly impossible to find the time to sit down and contemplate permanent ways to be happier. We’re in luck, then, because there are lots of little tricks out there that immediately plant a bit of cheer — and there is scientific research to prove how they actually work.

Maybe our society has heartily adopted instant gratification because our bodies have responded so well to the small adjustments we introduce to it. As you’ll see below, it really doesn’t take much for our brains to naturally produce the happy chemicals like serotonin and dopamine; it takes even less for us to get drunk off of them.d64611b0-33c3-0133-09ed-0e76e5725d9dOf course, we should still keep in mind the big-picture stuff, like eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly. That base level of joy is linked to living longer, a stronger immune system, and reliable physical function as we get older. But psychologists also say the happiness we cultivate on a daily basis turns into a long-term factor in our lives, and we end up having more positive emotions than the average person. We just feel like we’re a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

All sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Here are 11 ways you can make yourself instantly happier.



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