10 Celebrities With Terrible Skin

Bad skin is a problem us normal people deal with all the time. But it seems they are never a problem for famous people. But some famous names have been suffering from terrible acne problems and oily skin. For these celebrities with terrible skin, there is not enough makeup to cover them and no photoshop done to make them disappear.

Katy Perry

Celebrities With Terrible Skin

There is not enough foundation in the world to cover up Katy Perry’s ache! She takes up our top spot on celebrities with terrible skin.

Cameron Diaz

Celebrities With Terrible Skin

While makeup helps the gorgeous Cameron Diaz, she has days when her skin is raging with acne.


Celebrities With Terrible Skin

Although she seems perfect, Rihanna has terrible acne problems related to stress.

Keira Knightly Celebrities With Terrible Skin

The beautiful British actress has an oily skin which sometimes makes her look not so perfect.

Megan Fox

Celebrities With Terrible Skin

You may not think so but the perfect woman Megan Fox has a not-so-perfect skin.

Jessica Alba

Celebrities With Terrible Skin

There is so much you can do with exercise, healthy eating and makeup. When your skin is raging you just have to wait.


Celebrities With Terrible Skin

To be fair Lorde may have acne because she is still in puberty.

Britney Spears 
Celebrities With Terrible Skin

While Britney Spears had worse days than this, she has some serious acne problems.

Miley Cyrus

Celebrities With Terrible Skin

Again this celebrities with terrible skin candidate may just have acne because she is in puberty.

Alicia Keys 

Celebrities With Terrible Skin

While puberty is long in her past, Alicia Keys still has days when it gets a bit rough.

The point is not to look perfect. Everyone has skin problems and this is just the sort of thing that you just have to wait for it to pass. Even people with makeup crews, professionals to help them look perfect and people making sure they stay healthy all the time, they can get a bad skin day. So the next time you feel like your skin is not perfect, just remember, nobody has perfect skin all the time.



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